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Quality Control Framework


Quality management (Quality Control) is based on quality centered and full participation, and aims to achieve long-term success through customer satisfaction. Only by obtaining the consent of the buyer can the enterprise gain certain interests. Therefore, there is no shortage, indispensable technology of production and sale, ensuring the technology of product quality, and so on. We must create a management system that meets the quality requirements of customers' products correctly and economically. Therefore, as mentioned before, we must pursue all work efficiency and improve the working methods. Therefore, it is necessary to explore more effective new methods to solve all kinds of problems occurring in the work. Such activities are known as quality management and focus on the quality management of manufacturing. Business work has a lot in common as mentioned earlier.


1. quality objectives

Customer satisfaction is not less than 90%; product shipments DPPM = 5PPM; CPK = 1.33 key parameters; the harmful substances exceed the standard event is 0.


2. quality management system certification

The company continues to promote management innovation, strictly comparing and referring to domestic and foreign industry leading quality control standards for internal management. Since 2010, throughout the company to import ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system standards, to control the whole process of product design and development, supplier management, raw material selection, production process control, product inspection and testing, customer service service, to meet market and customer needs!

3. key quality control points

Material income (material test) - dicing process (minimum margin) - loading process (push crystal dispensing) - wire (wire pull, solder ball ball thrust arc height, thickness measurement check ball rot silicon layer) - encapsulation (dislocation) - flash - (immersion tin coating thickness, harmful the material, easy welding test) - cutting molding (standing height) - test print tape (tape tension) - packaging (factory inspection)


4. raw materials

Incoming inspection and inspection requirements - confirmation -ROHS detection failed - Isolation - report QA Manager - Return - Supplier 8D supplier - Inspection - improve the inspection requirements to confirm -ROHS detection qualified quality inspection unqualified - - - Isolation - nonconformity review - Return - Supplier 8D to improve supplier - Inspection - inspection requirements detection of -ROHS - - - - qualified quality inspection qualified audit unqualified unqualified - Isolation - Review - Return - Supplier 8D to improve supplier - Inspection - inspection requirements confirm -ROHS detection - - - - quality inspection qualified qualified qualified audit - - storage


5. supplier management

Confirm the project - select or recommend supplier preliminary evaluation - send sample - Qualification - sample review - qualified - small batch delivery - Qualification - small batch approval - supplier comprehensive evaluation - join the list of qualified suppliers - regular supplier review - data archiving.


6. production process control
Advanced production and testing equipment, and give the maintenance of adequate training; orderly operation personnel in strict accordance with the SOP operation, the key quality control points, use SPC tools to monitor the stability of the semiconductor industry, the working environment is maintained (temperature and humidity, cleanliness, illumination, ESD, etc.) 5S, visual field management.


7. facility management

The high degree of recognition of the brand of equipment purchase in the industry (Disco, ASM, K&, S, JUNO etc), the equipment daily maintenance in place (daily maintenance, monthly maintenance, maintenance, Zhou Baoyang years); every month to repair equipment maintenance situation, summarize the situation analysis, determine the key for maintenance, preventive maintenance plan and implementation; the key components of spare parts management; mold, tool (blade, nozzle, ejector, mold, molding tool, test piece etc.) life of vulnerable parts of control; preparation of calibration plan and implementation; an important measurement system for MSA management.


8. customer complaint management process

Receive customer complaint - confirmation of complaints is true - the establishment of improvement team - temporary Countermeasures - reason analysis and confirmed -3 working sunrise 5D report -7 working full report - Sunrise improvement strategy selection to verify and implement permanent measures to verify and implement permanent measures to prevent recurrence - team summary.


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Quality Process Control


The company strictly controls the whole process of incoming material, production and delivery in accordance with the requirements of the system management.


The quality control points are clearly defined, and advanced testing equipment and tools are equipped to monitor the characteristics and process characteristics of the products.


In the test process, the PAT technology is used to eliminate the discrete points for the key electrical parameters and reduce the use risk of the client products.

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